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Wealth & Society 2021

Wealth & Society 2021 gathers international and local leaders in business, government, technology, philanthropy and academia as well as influencers to showcase and recognise the positive impact they have on society. The platform is designed to help us think where wealth will be generated and how we can participate for the benefit of mankind and our shared future.

Focus on sustainable development for the future

Dialogue on the trends of wealth creation, preservation, succession and its impact on society

Open to global influencers, investors, experts, prominent decision-makers, professional peers and high net worth individuals (HNWIs) in person and virtually

If you would like to use your wealth to be relevant to society and take advantage of all the innovations in wealth creation, this conference is for you.

Event Details

  • Rebuilding trust and partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Rethinking the impact of wealth
  • Shaping a positive, measurable, and profitable investment strategy
  • ESG - An evolving definition on value creation
  • Keeping and growing wealth within a family over generations
  • Enjoy the fruits of being wealthy together
  • Building the value and responsibility for the future society
  • HNWIs who are serious in the deployment of wealth into impact investing
  • Private bankers and family offices
  • Foundations, philanthropic organisationsand charities
  • Independent institutions serving HNWIs, including but not limited to wealth management companies, insurance companies, trust companies, securities, law firms and tax agents
  • Healthcare companies, luxury brands, overseas education consultancies and overseas property agencies
  • Investment specialists, product designers, financial planners, portfolio managers and senior relationship managers

Previous Speakers and Moderators

Michael Owen
Former English Footballer
Liu Fuqing
Vice President and Secretary-General,
China Charity Alliance
Jiang Jianqing
SINO-CEEF Capital Management Company
Wang Zhenyao
China Global Philanthropy Institute
Guy Dietrich
Managing Director,
Rockefeller Capital Management
Thomas McMahon
CEO, Dillon Gage Asia
Fu Changbo
Associate President,
China Global Philanthropy Institute
David Chang
Vice President,
Shanghai Blockchain Association

Wu Fei
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance
Vince Zhang
Phoenix Finance
Xu Jin
Wealth Management CCB Trust
Urs Bolt
WealthTech Advisor
Zhang Yuan
SEE Conservation and Aleshan Foundation
Li Huijuan
Founder and Vice Director,
China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Young people Creative Public Welfare Fund
Zheng Huan
Founder and Executive Director
Youth Leader Fund of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation
Shirley Yu
Former China National Television
News Anchor
John Gong
Professor of Economics,
University of International Business and Economics
Gordian Gaeta
Wealth and Society Programme
Foo Boon Ping
Managing Editor,
The Asian Banker
Emmanuel Daniel
The Asian Banker
Michael Owen
Former English Footballer

Michael Owen is a famous former English footballer who played as a striker for Real Madrid, Liverpool, Manchester United and the England national team among others. He became England's youngest player and goalscorer at the age of 19. He is also considered to be the youngest player to have reached 100 goals in the Premier League. Owen’s dominance and prowess, of course, did not go unnoticed, and he was awarded the coveted Ballon d’Or in 2001 for his magnificent performances for club and country. Owen will share his personal journey from being a great footballer to how skills and resources can be invested and deployed in creating a better society.

Liu Fuqing
Vice President and Secretary-General, China Charity Alliance

Since 2017, Liu Fuqing has been serving as the vice president and secretary-general of China Charity Alliance (CCA), a national social organisation dedicated to the development of China’s philanthropy under the leadership of the Civil Affairs Ministry. She served as the vice chairwoman of China Social Welfare Foundation before she joined CCA. And, prior to becoming the head of charity organisations, she worked for the central government for more than 20 years. She served as the deputy director of the Audit Bureau of the National Audit Office of People’s Republic of China, in the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MCA), director of the Discipline Inspection Group (Inspection Bureau) of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Communist Party of China, in MCA and various posts at the planning and finance department of MCA.

Jiang Jianqing
Chairman, SINO-CEEF Capital Management Company

Jiang Jianqing is one of the most influential international leaders in the global financial community. Before assuming the role of chairman at SINO-CEE Capital Management, Jiang steered the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) continuously for 16 years from 2000 to 2016. He has over 40 years of experience in managing financial institutions, including ICBC and Shanghai Urban Cooperation Commercial Bank (now known as Bank of Shanghai). Over the years, Jiang has taken up many prominent global and industry leadership roles, such as board member of the International Monetary Conference, co-chairman and member of the World Economic Forum International Business Council and board member of the Institute of International Finance. Jiang has also conducted in-depth and thorough researches on the operation management of the banking sector, theoretical and practical bank innovation and financial sector history.

Wang Zhenyao
President, China Global Philanthropy Institute

Professor Wang Zhenyao is the president of China Global Philanthropy Institute and the dean of Beijing Normal University’s China Philanthropy Research Institute. He is dedicated to supporting innovative and high impact philanthropy through education. He is also pushing forward international dialogue and cooperation. Wang worked for over 22 years at China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs (MOCA), where he was instrumental in launching several renowned national policies, including direct village elections and the country’s urban/rural minimum welfare social safety net system. Following the devastating Wenchuan earthquake, he established the National Natural Disaster Response System, a four-tiered mechanism for coordinated emergency response. While at MOCA, Wang also focused on expanding social security benefits to the country’s most vulnerable as well as reforming the national welfare system to provide allowances and greater support to groups, such as orphans and senior citizens.

Guy Dietrich
Managing Director, Rockefeller Capital Management

Guy Dietrich is the managing director at Rockefeller Capital Management in New York. The Rockefeller Global Family Office was founded in 1882 and currently invests over $40 billion for many of the wealthiest families in the world. Guy has over 35 years of investment experience and is responsible for advising ultra-high-net-worth clients, family offices, foundations, and endowments. Prior to joining Rockefeller, Guy spent 26 years at Morgan Stanley and established the Citigroup Family Office practice in the Silicon Valley. He was a fellow at the Harvard University Advanced Leadership Institute, and was on the advisory board of the Stanford University Institute for Economic Policy Research.

Thomas McMahon
CEO, Dillon Gage Asia

Thomas McMahon has over 30 years of experience in international exchange based commodity and derivative product creation, clearing, trading and regulatory licensing. Over the past decade, he has worked broadly across Asia to bring to the market major international exchange formation and licensing projects in Singapore, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Dubai and India. McMahon concluded the licensing and launch of the Singapore Mercantile Exchange, where he was the chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director. He also served as the deputy CEO of Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX) and was a member of the Advisory Committee as well as CEO of the UD Trading Group. Prior to this, McMahon was the president and managing director, deputy chairman of the Hong Kong Mercantile Exchange, overseeing its development and implementation from the ground up. He has served in various leadership positions at The New York Mercantile Exchange/Commodity Exchange from 1983 to 2003.

Fu Changbo
Associate President, China Global Philanthropy Institute<

Fu Changbo is the associate president of the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) and a professor and PhD supervisor at the Beijing Normal University. He has worked in news media and the government – both municipal and central. Since 2012, he has been devoted to promoting utilisation of internet and artificial intelligence in empowering the development of charity work and social innovations. Fu created customised courses, including Family Legacy and Strategic Philanthropy, Family Legacy and Social Innovation, Rockefeller Family Legacy and Philanthropy Communication in the Internet Era, all offered through CGPI. He has also led the research and publication of a number of reports, such as the 2018 List of Top 100 Philanthropists in China, 2018 Report on Family Foundations in China, Report on Global Philanthropy’s Support for Sustainable Development (2016) and a Comparative Study on Donor-Advised Funds.

David Chang
Vice President, Shanghai Blockchain Association

David Chang is the vice president of Shanghai Blockchain Association, under the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission. He is also an industry fellow of The University of California’s Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator and the chief executive officer of Blocknology Capital, a technology investment bank that focuses on incubating decentralised applications, designing token engineering, raising capital, governing community economy and managing digital assets. Chang previously worked as vice president at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, managing director of corporate and investment banking at BNP Paribas and member of the management committee and head of international business at Guotai Asset Management. He also managed hedge fund investment for Canadian largest family, Thomson Family. Chang is also a leading figure in private wealth management. He has presented numerous trainings on traditional and digital wealth management to China Banking Association, China Construction Bank Private Banking and Private Banking, China Merchant Bank.

Wu Fei
Professor, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance

Wu Fei is a professor at Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF). He is also the faculty director of the Executive Master of Business Administration program and the faculty co-director of the Doctor of Business Administration program. He was a board member of Asian Finance Association (AsFA) and the co-chair of the 2013 AsFA Annual Conference. He was also a guest editor for Emerging Markets Finance and Trade and Economic Systems and was part of the editorial board of the International Journal of Managerial Finance and Issues in Economics and Business (IEB) International Journal of Finance. He has published extensively in leading financial journals, including Financial Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Financial Markets, Journal of International Business Studies and Review of Finance. He is the host and writer of the Report on the Competitiveness of China's Domestic Family Office Service and the Research Report on the Intergenerational Entrepreneurship of Chinese Family Enterprises in 2018. Wu has in-depth research in the field of private wealth management and he offers courses such as High Net Worth Group Wealth Management and Family Wealth Management at SAIF

Zheng Huan
Founder and Executive Director, Youth Leader Fund of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation

Zheng Huan is the founder and executive director of Youth Leader Fund of China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation. The foundation aims to empower youth with the framework of Artech futurism to make the world a better place. She has shared her insights at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on behalf of the youth for four years, continuously. She joined Dr. Denis Mukwege’s team to specialise in the treatment of women raped during the conflict in 2015. Dr. Mukwege is a gynaecologist and human rights activist from east Congo, who won the Nobel Peace Prize as a campaigner against the use of rape as a weapon of war. As a representative of Gen X, Zheng is dedicated to appeal to global young people for them to participate in building sustainable future by means of technology, arts, social media and education.

Vince Zhang
President, Phoenix Finance

Vince Zhang is the president of Phoenix Finance. He previously worked as a corporate strategy consultant for Boston Consulting, Deloitte Consulting and World Bank. He has completed a host of key projects in a number of leading domestic and foreign banks as well as high-tech companies. He also worked for Epic, a well-known medical software company in the United States. After returning to China, he served as the vice president of Siemens China, leading the capital operation and business strategy of the company.

Xu Jin
Head, Wealth Management CCB Trust

Xu Jin is the head of wealth management and general manager of the wealth management division at CCB Trust, a subsidiary of China Construction Bank (CCB). He has accumulated extensive experience in wealth management and international management when he successively served as the general manager of the private banking department at CCB Beijing branch, head of business development department at CCB London branch and deputy head of the preparatory team at CCB Zurich branch. Xu is a holder of certificated financial planner and chartered wealth management certifications.

Urs Bolt
WealthTech Advisor

Urs Bolt is an expert in digital wealth management and digital assets with over 30 years of experience working in financial services, mainly in wealth management, risk and regulation, investment banking and financial technology business. His core expertise is to bring new digital business platforms to the market. He has some successful projects, including the rollout of a business to business social business platform for independent wealth and asset managers as well as establishment of prime services for ultra-wealthy clients, post-trade services for foreign exchange and over-the-counter products for the two biggest Swiss banks. Bolt is an opinion leader and global influencer in wealth management, wealthtech, regtech and blockchain.

Zhang Yuan
Secretary-General, SEE Conservation and Aleshan Foundation

Since joining the Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE) in 2015, Zhang Yuan has served as the director of fundraising department, the director of the fundraising and communications department as well as deputy secretary-general at SEE Foundation. Currently, she works as the secretary-general of SEE Conservation and Aleshan Foundation. SEE Conservation is the first institution in China that is initiated by entrepreneurs to carry more environmental and social responsibilities. The organisation has established SEE Foundation and Aleshan Foundation, which are committed to maximise entrepreneurs' resources and innovative spirits to protect the environment. Prior to joining SEE Conservation, she served as the founding secretary-general of Shenzhen Voluntary Service Foundation and deputy secretary-general of Shenzhen Youth Development Foundation.

Li Huijuan
Founder and Vice Director, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Young People Creative Public Welfare Fund

Li Huijuan is the vice president of Jumbo Sheen Group. She believes in “business for good”, actively engages in various philanthropic activities to carry out corporate social responsibility and has been focusing on the growth of the youth since 2016. She founded the International Art Intelligence Interactive Education Platform (AIIES) that aims to diversify China’s education model with innovative international philosophies and practices. In 2018, with the support of China Soong Ching Ling Foundation, Li established the China Soong Ching Ling Foundation Young People Creative Public Welfare Fund to support young talents.

Shirley Yu
Former China National Television News Anchor; Senior Visiting Fellow, The London School of Economics and Political Science

Dr. Shirley Yu is a former China National Television News Anchor, a seasoned senior executive and board member. She is currently a senior visiting fellow at the Institute of Global Affairs at London School of Economics and Political Science, and an Asia fellow with the Ash Center of Harvard Kennedy School. She is a frequent speaker on China’s political economy, geopolitics, and their implications to the transforming global order.

John Gong
Professor of Economics, University of International Business and Economics

John Gong is a professor, researcher and expert in the fields of finance, international trade, antitrust, patent dispute and competition policies. He serves as an expert consultant at the Ministry of Commerce’s Antitrust Bureau in China, and acted as the chief architect of the Bureau’s national competition database project. Meanwhile, he is serving as an academic affiliate with Global Economics Group, a leading global economics consulting firm based in the US. He is also the principal author for the China section of the policy position paper by the BRICS New World Bank’s steering committee during its foundation time. He is also a renowned op-ed columnist for several leading newspapers including the South China Morning Post, Global Times and China Global Television Network, on economic and political issues.

Tang Ning
Founder and CEO, CreditEase

Tang Ning founded CreditEase in 2006, as China’s first marketplace leading company, and over the past decade, the company has developed into one of the leading Fintech company in China, specializing in small business and consumer lending, as well as wealth management for China’s rapidly growing mass affluent and high net worth investors. Under Mr. Tang’s leadership, CreditEase has expanded its nationwide network to 267 cities and rural areas in 20 provinces across China, as well as establishing international footprint in Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Europe and North America.

Gordian Gaeta
Chairman, Wealth and Society Programme

Gaeta has been a banking consultant for around 25 years, and is one of Asia’s leading banking consultants and risk control experts. He has advised and served many of the leading financial services organisations across Asia and close to half of the top 100 banks worldwide. He specialises in developing and implementing analytical solutions for complex strategic issues in financial services-related industries undergoing significant change or being exposed to intricate risk issues.

Gaeta has published around 20 articles on banking and financial services and several books, notably “Frontiers in Credit Risk” and “Opportunities in Emerging Markets”. He is also a regular speaker on the international conference circuit, and a Guest Lecturer at several universities.

Pan Xilong
Associate Professor, Chinese Finance Research Institute, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Pan Xilong is an associate professor at the Chinese Finance Research Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and a corporate governance coach at the International Finance Corporation. With more than 30 years working experience in financial education, he teaches all aspects of finance and is a frequent speaker at international seminars. His expertise is in designing financial products and in planning investment projects with a variety of financial tools, as well as offering comprehensive financial plans and investment advice to both enterprises and individuals. Pan is the author of“Fixed-Income Instrument Analysis”, “Study on the System of Catastrophe Compensation Fund” and other books.

Foo Boon Ping
Managing Editor, The Asian Banker

Boon Ping manages The Asian Banker publication business and engages practitioners, customers, partners and the media on critical issues that impact the industry. He has more than 21 years of experience in the banking and financial services industry, specializing in strategic branding, marketing communications and consumer insight. Prior to The Asian Banker, he was at United Overseas Bank (UOB), covering Singapore and key markets in the region, such as China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Emmanuel Daniel
Chairman, The Asian Banker

Founder of The Asian Banker, the most respected provider of consulting and intelligence in the financial services industry in the Asia Pacific region and other emerging markets. Mr. Daniel has led it to become a combination of leading industry research, publication and consulting house, with a strong reputation worldwide.


Wealth & Society 2021

Thursday, 18 November 2021, Shanghai, China


08:30 – 09:00
Leadership dialogue: Taking action now to accelerate the global sustainability transition

The coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across much of the globe from all aspects. Political, business and academia leaders are starting to think about how to rebuild the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between man and man, and the inclusive and collaborative governance mechanism. In the leadership dialogue, we focus on the challenges bringing us together and big ideas in policy, science, finance and technology toattain long-term sustainable development.

  • Rebuilding trust and partnerships to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals
  • Closing the gap between sustainable and economic growth
  • Climate change – the most urgent issue
  • Rethinking the impact of wealth
09:00 – 10:45

Tea/Coffee break

10:30 – 11:00

The opportunities and challenges for wealth industry in the upcoming era of China’s new asset management rules

In addition to the further opening-up of financial markets and eased rules around insurance asset management products, the transitional period for the implementation of China’s new asset-management rules will end at the end of this year, which all increases the complexity of wealth market. How do institutions identify the trends and get well-prepared to reform for long-term development?

Clients’ needs are changing as well with the increasing uncertainty of the global market. They focus more on institutions’ asset management and risk control ability as well as security and liquidity of assets. How can institutions build financial literacy for investors while meeting their expectations on the return?

  • Shaping a positive, measurable, and profitable investment strategy
  • Meeting customer's demands on wealth creation and preservation
  • From internet of things (IoT) to banking of things (BoT)
  • How investors adapt to changing market
11:00 – 12:00


12:00 – 13:00

ESG-An evolving definition on value creation

There is a growing realisation that taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria into account brings great benefits for business and investors. For enterprises, the implementation of ESG strategy could mitigate risks and facilitate healthy growth. For investors, it reduces portfolio risk and generate competitive investment returns.

  • Transparency and standardisation in ESG reporting
  • ESG redefines what is a successful business
  • Why do we need risk metric-based ESG factors
13:00 – 14:00

Keeping and growing wealth within a family over generations

Successfully passing the baton to the next generation is a goal for any family business.During the succession, what are the biggest challenges for them? How to fetch a better governance for family-owned companies and how to build up an efficient mechanism for better succession? How to balance between last generation’s tradition and new generation’s innovation?

  • Challenges of inter-generational succession in a family
  • New generations are making a positive impact
  • Family trust – more than wealth
14:00 – 14:30

Inter-generational fireside chat

We will invite the first and second generations within a family to share their stories on how families can continue to preserve the wealth and even grow the family business.

14:30 – 15:00

Tea / Coffee Break

15:00 – 15:30

Enjoy the fruits of being wealthy together

"Common prosperity" is not a new idea in China. It was highlighted again as one of the nation's key long-term targets through 2035 and 2050. When some observers focus on the word “prosperity”, they worry about how the existing accumulated wealth would be redistributed involuntarily. However, if one interprets it from “common”, he/she will see it’s a process that social inequalities can be reduced and the fruits of economic development can be shared by all.

  • How to understand the wealth redistribution and “common prosperity”
  • The impact on wealth industry
  • What is the role that enterprises play?
  • Opportunities and challenges for philanthropy
15:30 – 16:00

Building the value and responsibility for the future society

A successful business is not only good at creating wealth, but also takes the lead to fulfil its commitments to the planet, the economy and local community. In this session, we will invite business leaders to showcase their best practice on building a better world with the goodwill, know-how, capabilities and technologies.

16:00 – 17:00

End of conference


*This is a working agenda, content and speakers will be updated on a timely manner.

Previous Supporting Organizations

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Previous Partners

Shanghai Banking Association (SBA), formerly known as Shanghai Banking Association of Foreign Exchange, was founded on December 22nd, 1992 and renamed in 1998. Established with the approval of Shanghai Administration of Social Organizations and guided by CBRC Shanghai Office, SBA is a professional, non-profit trade association, speaking for banks and other financial institutions in Shanghai. From a historical connection and inheritance perspective, SBA claims its kinship with Shanghai Bankers’ Association founded in 1918. As of April 30th 2018, SBA has a membership of 218. Full members include policy banks, privately owned banks, large commercial banks, joint stock commercial banks, city commercial banks, asset management companies, etc. Associate members mostly consist of representative offices of foreign financial institutions in Shanghai. www.sbacn.org
Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) was established at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in April 2009 by the Shanghai Municipal Government. With the mission of becoming a world-class institution of research and advanced learning in finance and management, SAIF is committed to developing top talent and cutting-edge knowledge in finance, with a focus on Chinese markets and their global connections. SAIF is accredited by AACSB international and is among the youngest AACSB-accredited business schools in the world. www.en.saif.sjtu.edu.cn/
The China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) was founded by Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Niu Gensheng, He Qiaonyu and Ye Qingjun. It has grants from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Beijing Dalio Public Welfare Foundation, Lao Niu Charitable Foundation, Beijing Qiaonyu Foundation and Dunhe Foundation, and is sponsored by the Shenzhen Yatai International Philanthropy Education Foundation. Ma Weihua, former president of China Merchants Bank, was named as the institute’s first chairman of the board, and Wang Zhenyao, professor at Beijing Normal University, was appointed as the first president. The institute actively takes advantage of its platform, gathering philanthropy leaders from around the world, facilitating the discussion of global issues, such as sustainable development, social impact investing, technology and charity innovation and climate change. CGPI is committed to promote transnational collaboration among Chinese and non-Chinese philanthropists, contribute to the innovation and professionalisation in the philanthropic sector and support the advancement of philanthropy in China and around the world. www.en.cgpi.org.cn/
Lujaizui Financial and Trade Zone (Lujiazui Financial City) is located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It covers an area of 31.78 square kilometers, and is China’s only national level development zone with financial and trade in its name. In 2009, the State Council officially confirmed Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone as the core functional area for Shanghai’s international financial and shipping centre initiative. Lujiazui Financial City enjoys the most comprehensive financial market systems, infrastructures and ecosystems. It has become an important platform for financial institutions and professionals to conduct financial activities and trade. It is also benchmarking the world’s top financial centres, such as New York City’s Wall Street and the City of London. As the testing ground for institutional innovations in finance and trade, Lujiazui centres Shanghai’s goal to become a truly global and world-class financial city.
Savvy Investor is the world's leading knowledge network for institutional investors, curating the best investment news and white papers from around the globe. The research library is made up of 50 topics, including a section enabling members to instantly access the latest Private Wealth and Family Office white papers and a directory of investment conferences. Savvy Investor is entirely free to sign up to, offering all 40,000 members a completely personalised experience based on their topic preferences. Companies can enhance their reputation by publishing research and managing their company page in the Company Directory. Sign up today at www.savvyinvestor.net
Bank of Beijing is a Sino-foreign joint stock commercial bank established in 1996. The bank has achieved several milestones, including introducing overseas strategic investors, public listing and business mixed operation. Currently, the Bank has set up nearly 600 branches not only in mainland China, but also in Hong Kong and the Netherlands. On the latest World Top1000 Banks list, Bank of Beijing ranks No.73 in terms of tier1 capital. The success of Bank of Beijing has established a classic development pattern for small- and medium-sized banks.
CCB TRUST CO., LTD. is a non-bank financial institution as subsidiary of China Construction Bank (CCB). By the end of 2018, the total trust assets under management maintained at 1.4039 trillion RMB. CCB Trust is headquartered in Beijing and has set up its operation centers in many places including Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and etc., and set up a subsidiary in Hong Kong, giving rise to a nation-wide and international business development layout. By making full use of its flexibility in connecting different markets, industries and products, CCB Trust has deeply responded to the endogenous demands for building a multi-layer capital market system, established three key business directions for transformation including industrial investment bank, asset management and wealth management, actively implemented the national industrial restructuring and macro-economic policies, deeply developed eight major areas including urban infrastructure, in-depth reform and asset management, vigorously supporting the development of real economy. CCB Trust has grown up to be a leading trust company in the industry with its quality and reliable clients, rapidly improved achievements, robust and effective risk-control, and innovation-driven development.
Phoenix Finance is a comprehensive intelligent financial service platform established by Phoenix TV Group for global Chinese. In the past five years, driven by digital technologies, Phoenix Finance has established three business sectors, including inclusive finance, wealth management and global business, and achieved the development in the form of conglomerates. Through the self-developed digital technology system, big data platform, intelligent mode and analyze search engine, as well as effective business process system, Phoenix Finance provides creative, intelligent and individual finance services which are accessible at all time and places to users from China, north America, south-east Asian and other areas. Up to now, the number of platform users had reached 12 million.

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