wealth and socity

Global 2019

Call for submissions - June, 2019

The submission kit will be sent out to institutions in May

Submission deadline - February 12th, 2019

Complete submissions must reach us no later than 12th July, 2019. (Or no later than two months before your preferred regional event.)

Stage I: First Review

Each completed submission is reviewed and scored by a team of research analysts. Institutions deemed eligible to proceed to the next stage are notified.

Stage II: Interviews - July, 2019

Based on an independent review, our team of researchers will interview the shortlisted candidates. Interviews will be conducted with senior executives of shortlisted institutions.

Stage III: Notifications of Awards Winners - August 19th, 2019

Results ratified by a panel of international advisors will be communicated to the winning institutions.

Stage IV: The Global Wealth and Society Awards Ceremony and Dinner in conjunction with the Wealth and Society Conference Jakarta | 23 August
London | 19 September 
Dubai | 24 October 
Shanghai | 5 December

The Global Wealth and Society 2019 Awards is a platform to bring wealth leaders and institutions from across the world to showcase and recognize the positive impacts that they have been creating on society. Submissions must be sent in no later than two months before your preferred regional event.

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