Submission Details

Submissions must be made using our clear guidelines below:

1. Who is eligible for the awards?

Eligibility for the awards is open to a wide range of institutions, including private banks, trust companies, family offices, and other wealth management providers. These institutions should demonstrate exceptional performance, innovation, and client-centricity in their products, services, and overall wealth management strategies. A strong focus on delivering robust investment performance, personalised financial solutions, comprehensive risk management, and exceptional client service is paramount.

2. Can I make more than one submission?

We welcome entries for all categories that you qualify for. Please submit separate replies to questionnaires for each of the award categories applied for.

3. Will institutions that do not make a submission be considered?

We may decide, at its own discretion and on a strictly case-by-case basis, to consider institutions that do not make a entries. However, institutions that do not make an entry may have a ranking that is not up to their expectations due to unavoidable difficulties in gathering comprehensive and accurate information.

4. Is the information submitted made available to the public?

All information submitted is treated with the strictest confidence and used for evaluation purposes only. We publish generic reports that discuss trends and emerging best practices demonstrated through the programme. Where we deem specific submissions as being suitable for publication, we will first seek your permission before publication.

5. Where should I send the entry to?

Your application can be submitted in softcopy to
For more information on the Global Wealth and Society Awards 2024, please visit the website or contact Mr. Chris Kapfer at or via WhatsApp: +63 94 3283 6015.

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