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The Awards Programme is managed by a highly professional team of research analysts in Asian Banker Research, with outstanding expertise and experience of researching the private wealth industry and high and ultra-high net-worth client segments globally. Their work is supervised and verified by our distinguished Panel of International Advisors, consisting of prominent and highly respected individuals in the private wealth management industry.

     Mr. Rubinstein, Chairman and Founder of TBLI Group Holdings

Mr. Rubinstein, Chairman and Founder of TBLI Group Holdings, has been an integral thought leader for the Triple Bottom Line Investment Industry for many years. His mission, spearheaded by the organization TBLI Group, is to create an inclusive values based economy. The aim is to maximize investment flows into sustainability initiatives by showing the opportunities triple bottom line investing offers to investors. For more than 20 years, TBLI Group has built the ecosystem for the Impact Investing and ESG community through advisory, educational and networking services.

     Mr. Gordian Gaeta, Consultant Partner, Leopard Capital

Mr. Gaeta has been a banking consultant for around 25 years. He has advised and served many of the leading financial services organisations across Asia and close to half of the top 100 banks worldwide. He specialises in developing and implementing analytical solutions for complex strategic issues in financial services-related industries undergoing significant change or being exposed to intricate risk issues.



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