Audit and Certification Wednesday, 19 June 2024

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Governance Audit and Certification Programme

The Wealth and Society Corporate Governance Certification Programme is designed to independently audit, certify and promote corporations that demonstrate corporate commitments towards either Environmental Social Governance (ESG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on the UN’s Social Development Goals more broadly.

The paid audit is conducted on the basis of interviews, published commitments, documentation, processes and publicly demonstrated activities according to our audit process. The audit is available only to corporations and foundations.

The purpose of the audit and certification is to solely obtain an independent assessment of the public claims of the corporation or foundation for the benefit of its high net worth clients and partners. It is not designed to satisfy any legal requirements that are specific and differ between different nation states.

Corporations that commissions an audit from us will be given a confidential report detailing where they stand relative to their peers in their respective countries, regions or industries. Where possible, corporations are also assessed and ranked against their peers in these categories without individual peers mentioned by name.

The best corporations in the different categories or regions are identified and an edited report published in our website and publications. This is to engender the pursuit of a spirit of excellence in the commitment of corporation towards sustainability, society and managing climate change.

Who does the audit

The audit is conducted by senior research managers at TAB Insights, the research and consulting division of Wealth and Society. The audit is verified by advisors who are independent to TAB Insights

How is the audit carried out: Our approach is simple

Face to face or video-call interview with the senior leadership to understand your commitments, activities carried out, test scenarios and measure the tangible goals set

Assessment of published statements of commitments, annual reports or other published public records along with internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) .

Interaction with external stakeholders, independent interviews with and public record of third party sources, to learn about the corporation selected or its peers in the industry or region.


  1. A certificate of completion of the audit.
  2. A confidential report outlining findings, peer comparisons, recommendations for improvement and exceptions, if any.
  3. With the permission of the corporation, Wealth and Society will also publish a press release stating the completion of the audit.
Potential benefits of the audit

In the event of an unsuccessful audit, the deliverables will be simple the full confidential report that will outline the exceptions, if any for further action, and with a view of conducting a successful audit in the future. The Wealth and Society Programme does not guarantee a successful audit to the paying sponsor.

Warranties: The Wealth and Society Audit only warrants that the audit was conducted independently in accordance with the goals of the Wealth and Society programme. These are to ascertain the compliance of the corporation towards sustainability goals of the SDG. The Wealth and Society Audits do not warrant the certification to be used for purposes of investment in or profit from the sponsoring corporation.