Wednesday, 19 June 2024
Our researches and analysis on Interview
Twenty-one years ago, John Wood founded Room to Read, an organisation that is working on bringing literacy and gender equality to the poorest parts of…
Newly appointed UN envoy on climate change, Mark Carney, discussed his role and what he hopes to achieve at the upcoming COP26 as well as his views on…
Paula Hunter, executive director of Mojaloop Foundation explained how it will work with its new sponsor member, MAS, to explore technology advancement…
David Grammig, founder and managing director of consultancy firm Grammig Advisory, discussed the growth of family offices in Europe and other parts of…
Shuyin Tang, CEO and co-founder of the Beacon Fund and partner at Patamar Capital, talked about the growth of impact investing in Southeast Asia and the…
Karine Hirn, co-founder at East Capital Holdings and CEO of East Capital Asia, talked about the time and attention required to properly assess and manage…
Songtsen “Sonny” Gyalzur, founder of the Shangri-La Highland Craft Brewery, spoke with Emmanuel Daniel about his journey from a privileged young man to…
Daniel Hanna, global head of sustainable finance at Standard Chartered, shared his view on the future of sustainable finance and its prospects and broader…
In this RadioFinance session, Emmanuel Daniel spoke with Bikram Chaudhury, a veteran in investment banking, about his current initiative to run a startup…
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