Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Our researches and analysis on Interview
Jay Wenjie Xiao, LexinFintech CEO, shares how he started the company, and how it leverages AI and big data to enable sustainable lending to China’s growing…
Former footballer Michael Owen talks about his desire to give back to the community, the values he shares with his family and his career in sports and…
As the bank positions itself at the forefront of sustainable investing with a new $75 billion pledge, Rahul Sheth, Standard Chartered executive director…
Hong Kong-based fintech MioTech is using algorithm-driven AI and machine learning to find and provide structure to ESG data in China.
An academic at heart, John Milligan-Whyte’s passion is finding problems and solving them in market-led sustainable ways no matter where they are or how…
As a leader and advocate of the ‘business-social’ system of governance, Thippaporn Ahriyavraromp, group CEO of business group DTGO in Thailand, fosters…
TBLI Group is aiming to maximise investment flows into sustainable initiatives. In an interview with Wealth and Society, its chairman, Robert Rubinstein,…
Long before the advent of impact investing, Urmatt, the largest producer of organic Jasmine rice in the world, exemplifies how a business can combine profit…
West Africa Wealth and Society 2019 SME Entrepreneur of the Year Award Winner, PiggyVest Co-Founder Eweniyi discusses how her online savings platform can…
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