Sunday, 5 February 2023
Our researches and analysis on Speech
Michael Owen shares how sports can be a vehicle for facilitating social change, and molding people into better version of themselves
Speeches and Presentations
As a pioneer in the Chinese asset management industry with a 20-year history, Harvest Fund is focusing on “ideas” to create sustainable returns for investors,…
Speeches and Presentations
Impact investment funds are set up to make a positive environmental, social or governance impact while returning a profit for investors. Before investing…
Speeches and Presentations
Emmanuel Daniel, in his opening remarks at the inaugural Global Wealth and Society 2018, challenged his audience composed of philanthropists, leaders in…
Speeches and Presentations
Rhodri Davies, in his speech at the Wealth and Society 2018, at the United Kingdom, traced the role of philanthropy in challenging State practices and…
Speeches and Presentations
Fu Changbo, at the Wealth and Society 2018, held in the United Kingdom, paints a picture of the current financial ecosystem in China and the increasing…
Speeches and Presentations
Rodney Schwartz, challenges the notion that impact investing funds are less profitable than traditional investment funds, and proves that there is much…
Speeches and Presentations
Zahra Darvishi, spoke at the Wealth and Society 2018 United Kingdom, about the underrepresented communities such as women and the millennial generation…
Speeches and Presentations
Dr. Gordian Gaeta, at the Wealth and Society 2018, held in the United Kingdom urged people to bridge the gap between communities through philantrophic…
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