Monday, 24 June 2024

Annie Chen, Chair at RS Group Asia

Hong Kong

Champion's Profile

Net Worth $100K-&1M approximately, Annie Chen incorporates her personal values in managing her portfolio under the RS Group, an organization that seeks to maximize impact through blended value, utilizing both investment and philanthropic capital to generate positive social, environmental and financial returns. Chen believes that one of the most pressing challenges of our time is driving the planet and its inhabitants toward sustainability. She is committed to giving her time and resources towards social and environmental causes that could create positive systemic change. Believing the potential for change through social entrepreneurship, Chen hopes to enhance the development of social entrepreneurship throughout Hong Kong and Asia.


Sustainable solutions

Description and impact

RS Group is a family office and our focus is on sustainability. Working on the belief that it is not possible to overcome our mounting social and environmental challenges using industrial era thinking, one in which for-profit and non-profit remain the dominant economic paradigms. New, collaborative approaches to investment, business and philanthropy are needed if the world is going to build a global community where social progress and economic development occur in harmony with nature.