Monday, 24 June 2024

Nicky Oppenheimer, Co-Founder Brenthurst Foundation

South Africa

Champion's Profile

Net worth $7.4 billion, Nicholas F. Oppenheimer (born 8 June 1945) is a South African billionaire businessman and philanthropist. He was formerly the chairman of De Beers diamond mining company and of its subsidiary, the Diamond Trading Company, and former deputy chairman of Anglo American. He is the third richest African.


Economic and Sustainable Development

Description and impact

The Brenthurst Foundation is at the frontier of new ideas and innovative actions for strengthening Africa's economic performance. The Foundation was created to build on the Oppenheimer' Brenthurst Initiative of August 2003. The Initiative was designed to instigate a debate in South Africa around policy strategies to achieve higher rates of economic expansion. Today the Foundation now has a wider African focus and aims to find ways to draw the investment needed for "continental regeneration and prosperity"