Monday, 24 June 2024

Chen Yidan, Honorary Adviser Tencent Holding Ltd.

Hong Kong

Champion's Profile

Net worth: $3.5billion Chen Yidan, also known as Charles Chen, is a Chinese internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a co-founder of Tencent, founder of the Chen Yidan Charity Foundation and founder of the Yidan Prize Foundation. He previously served as Tencent's chief administrative officer (CAO) before he began leading the company's newly established Tencent Charity Foundation In March 2013, Chen stepped down as Tencent's CAO but he continued to be involved with the company as an advisor and as sponsor and honorary chairman of the Tencent Charity Foundation. Due to his notable action in philantrophist, in June 2017, he was the top entrant for China in Forbes' Asia's Philanthropy Heroes list.



Description and impact

Founded in 2016 by Charles Chen Yidan, Yidan Prize has a mission to create a better world through education. Yidan Prize consists of two awards: Yidan Prize for Education Research and Yidan Prize for Education Development. Yidan Prize Laureate receives a gold medal and a total sum of HK$30 million (around $3.9 million) including a cash prize of HK$15 million (around $1.9 million) and a project fund of HK$15 million.