Monday, 24 June 2024

Li Zhao Hui, Businessman, and Chairman of Huamin Charity Foundation


Champion's Profile

Li Zhao Hui, businessman, philanthropist and Chairman of Huamin Charity Foundation


Good Health and Well-Being and Quality Education

Description and impact

In terms of project objectives, the main energy and financial resources will be placed in three major areas: first, in education, the current project is to promote fair education opportunities by financing the employment of poor college students; second, in the elderly, through the establishment of elderly apartments and other forms and Cooperate with financial institutions such as insurance to realize the innovation of the pension system. We are actively participating in research projects on pension issues organized by relevant state ministries and commissions, in order to find the correct positioning of charity institutions in the pension industry, and make due contributions to the state and ethnic pension, especially the poverty pension. The third is some major public welfare activities involving national, national and social core values. Such as supporting the development of Sinology, anthropological research, theoretical research on charity, supporting related civil affairs and so on. The Huamin Research Center was established in 2012 through collaboration between the Huamin Charity Foundation and Rutgers University, and is based out of Rutgers School of Social Work. The Center’s mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge through research and exchange that promotes professional development of non-profit organizations and strengthens individual, family, and community well-being in China.