Monday, 24 June 2024

Michael Bambang Hartono & Robert Budi Hartono, Managing Director, Co-Founders, Djarum Foundation


Champion's Profile

Net Worth : $32.3 Billion Djarum is the 3rd world biggest clove cigarette producer. Djarum has reportedly grabbed shares from the number two cigarette firm. Together with his brother, Michael Hartono, at the age of 22. they inherited Djarum from his father. But, Djarum was a small business at that time called Djarum gramophon which was unstable due to fire just burnt down its factory. Slowly but surely, they revived the company, modernized the equipment, began to export, grew the brand presence. They also have a stake in BCA Bank, which won the best retail bank from The Asian Banker. BCA Bank is a bank focus on retail, with the biggest market cap in Indonesia and 2nd in ASEAN after DBS.



Description and impact

Scholarship and dedicatedathlete development program, coaching clinic to rural areas, Supporting badminton related world championship 5000 athletes fully sponsored until 2017. World's no 1 Mixed Double (Tantowi Ahmad/Lilyana Natsir) and one of World's no 1 Men's double (Kevin Sukamuljo) are from Djarum Foundation.