Monday, 24 June 2024

Dato' Sri Tahir, Founder of Mayapada Group and Co-Chair, Tahir Foundation


Champion's Profile

Net Worth : $3.4 Billion Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir, founder of Mayapada Group and well-known Indonesian philanthropist, The son of a shop-keeper from Surbaya, Tahir began his career in the imports business, first in luxury goods from Singapore and Hong Kong, and later in foodstuffs. He describes the challenges of identifying and establishing relationships with global suppliers, as well as the difficulties he faced finding a market for his imports in Indonesia at a time when consumerism was just beginning. Tahir is equally well-known for his philanthropy and his notion that “to give is to gain.” He has given over $100 million towards global prevention of HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis, and was also the first Indonesian to visit a refugee camp in Jordan in 2014



Description and impact

Collaborate with UN refugee center (UNHCR)to provide cash assistance program for education and shelter covering 2 million refugees, and 10000 jackets for winter. He is the first Asian to work with UNHCR. The Fondation also contributes in bridging the gaps in health services, increasing capacity of effective organizations and programs, and fostering innovative solutions to persistent healthcare access problems and supporting educational institutes to nurture brightest talent in Indonesia.