Monday, 24 June 2024

Lee Joon Yong, Honary Chairman, Daelim Group


Champion's Profile

Net worth: $770million Lee Joon-Yong chairs storied 75-year-old construction company Daelim, but with some interest in petrochemicals. Daelim has built the country's arterial highway, the Gyeongbu Expressway; the Seoul subway; the 1988 Olympics' main stadium; and the National Assembly building. It was also the first Korean firm to work on overseas construction project. Currently, he served as a professor in Youngnam Cyber University and Soongjeon university. Beside being a businessman and academia, he is also a chairman in Federation of Korean Industries and Korea America Friendship Society.



Description and impact

Foundation dedicated to the unification of the two Koreas with major focus on re-uniting families. Its Korean American Sharing Movement (KASM) empowers the future leaders of the Korean Peninsula. KASM cultivates leadership and understanding of building and developing human capacity.