Monday, 24 June 2024

Quek LengChan, Executive CEO and Chairman , Hong Leong Group


Champion's Profile

Net Worth : $7 billion Executive Chairman of Hong Leong Group, he founded the Hong Leong Foundation in 1980, which donates $1.6 million every year to college students and disabled students, funds construction projects for non-profit institutions and schools, and supports training programs for entrepreneurs. Quek is also a Founding Member and Permanent Trustee of The Community Chest, a non-profit charitable organization that supports Chinese, Tamil and missionary schools in Malaysia. In 2011, Hong Leong Bank, where Quek is Chairman, contributed $16 million towards the $633 million acquisition fund of numbers forecast operator, Pan Malaysian Pools. Dividends received from Pan Malaysian Pools were donated to The Community Chest, which benefited more than 302 primary schools since its establishment in 2011. He does not appear to have a family foundation..


Education and Poverty alleviation

Description and impact

Improve educational outcomes for low income students, andprovide financial support for alleviating the plight of the abandoned and destitute elderly and children. The foundation identifies and develops innovative programmes that advance education and community development in Malaysia, in accordance with the charter of the Foundation. Providing grants for high impact, sustainable projects that aids the nation's poorest, it encourages community organisations to further the philanthropic mandate of the Founation.