Monday, 24 June 2024

Tan Passakornnatee, Chairman and Founder, Ichitan Group


Champion's Profile

Net worth: As of 2016- $440 million Thai businessman, best known as the founder of the Oishi Group of Japanese restaurants. The product that made him successful and well known in Thailand is Oishi Green Tea. Tan Passakornnatee was born in Chonburi at Thailand. His parents are Chinese, so he is both Thai and Chinese. He graduated at Grade 9 and got his first job as an employee at Sahapat. Then he saved money from his first job, and he opened a bookstall in Chonburi. Also, he started to invest his money in property. In 1999, he founded the Oishi Restaurants, WBC (Wedding Business Consultant) Wedding Studio and Oishi Green Tea. Next, in 2010 he resigned from the Oishi Group, and he founded a new company named Mai Tan that is composed of Ichitan Company and Double Drink Company.



Description and impact

Tan pledges half his net profit to his Tan Pan Foundation, which works to improve education, the environment and tourism in Thailand. As a strong believer of giving back to the society, Tan pledges 50% of his net profits after he turn 60 to Tan Pan Foundation, which focuses on upliftment and betterment of education and environment.