Monday, 24 June 2024

Dr. Charly Kleissner, Co-Founder, Toniic

American Samoa

Champion's Profile

Dr. Charly Kleissner is an impact investor who believes that the fundamental meaning of wealth is to make a positive contribution to humanity for the ultimate benefit of society. He insists that the best impact investments integrate financial return and social/environmental impact. His expertise is in portfolio impact investing, blended financing and conscious leadership. Dr. Kleissner has over twenty years of experience as a senior technology executive in Silicon Valley. He held executive and senior engineering management positions at Hewlett-Packard, NeXT, RightPoint, and Ariba. Dr. Kleissner co-founded KL Felicitas Foundation, and Social-Impact International , which help social entrepreneurs worldwide to accelerate and increase their impact.


Good Health and Well-Being, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Responsible Consumption and Production and Partnership for the Goals

Description and impact

The KL Felicitas Foundation was created in 2000 with a mission to enable social entrepreneurs and enterprises globally to develop and grow sustainably. With a strong impact investing strategy at its core, the foundation works to match the entrepreneurial spirit and business discipline of social enterprise with the significant capital being made available through a growing network of impact investors. The foundation has worthy contributions in making valuable investments and identifying most promosing innovations for positive social and environmental change.