Monday, 24 June 2024

Othman Benjelloun, Founder of Fondation BMCE Bank


Champion's Profile

Net worth $1.8 billion Othman Benjelloun Othman Benjelloun (born 1931 in Fez, Morocco) is a Moroccan businessman. He founded a non-profit foundation based in Casablanca, Morocco primarily supporting educational causes in rural areas through its initiative and the teaching of the native Moroccan language, the Amazigh language



Description and impact

Foundation BMCE Bank aims to develop and increase the educational levels in the country through assessing students, supervise teachers, developing an educational programs, and building schools. It is also engaged in promoting awareness on environmental protection. Furthermore, BMCE Bank, where Benjelloun serves as Chairman and CEO, donates 4% of its annual gross operating income to Fondation BMC Bank. In 2015, Benjelloun also bought a 1970 Mercedes-Benz convertible in a charity auction that supports cancer patients. In addition, Benjelloun is a Member and Director at Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity, and a Member at Synergos. He does not appear to have a family foundation.