Sunday, 5 February 2023
Singapore has set its eyes on being a family office hub on the global stage. T. Mandy Tham, Esther Kong, Juliana Koh of the Business Families Institute…
Founding academic director of Business Families Institute, Annie Koh, and its current academic director, Kenneth Goh, discussed the trends shaping Asia’s…
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News Update
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More family offices have a sustainability or ESG mandate, and sustainability is a larger consideration than in the past.
China has the largest green loan balance in the world, estimates place its green loan balance at $3.3 trillion by end of 2022
Ricky Rapa Thomson, co-founder of Uganda’s first ride-hailing app SafeBoda, talked about how digital technology is helping the boda boda (motorcycle taxi)…
Andi Taufan and Aria Widyanto of Amartha shared how their fintech social enterprise is supporting women entrepreneurs in Indonesia to expand their microenterprises.…
In this commentary, Gordian Gaeta urges every individual to hold their political leaders responsible to end the use of fossil fuels and transition towards…
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