Sunday, 26 May 2024
Two family office CEOs discuss their contrasting views on engaging the next generation in finances and succession planning
The language used in family offices and around ultra-high-net-worth individuals carries diverse emotional connotations and interpretations, hindering clear…
Vetting amongst the wealthy in business families and family offices involves nuanced, context-dependent assessments with ethical considerations and trust…
Research Note
The booming wealth management sector, driven by digitalisation and a youthful population, is primed for transformation, offering lucrative opportunities…
Business families and individuals selling shares or stakes offer valuable insights into liquidity events, but even with careful planning, such transactions…
In a world where wealth attracts wealth, the location of divorce proceedings can make a significant difference. Joesphine Chong and Kym Anstey discuss…
Business and legacy families as well affluent individuals face a plethora of transition scenarios where meticulous planning, adaptability, and communication…
Research Note
Although each business family is unique, some characteristics and experiences hold true for many, regardless of region or location
The energy crisis in Europe exposed risks of reliance on renewables, imported gas, and lack of energy diversification
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