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Finding the best in ESG measurement

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The TBLI Group is proud to announce to TBLI Better World Prize-The People’s Choice Award for the Best ESG Measurement System. We have started a movement, sharing prepared presentations from the most visible ESG measuring tools in order to let the public decide which are the most valid.

As we move forward in recognizing the importance of sustainable investing and developing a greater sensitivity to our ecosystem, the number of companies claiming ESG status has grown exponentially. But what, exactly, is an ESG and how can we measure it? Well, that should be easy enough, just turn to the standards. And therein lies the catch: What are the standards? There are so many measuring systems out there, which one should we use?

"ESG Commitment as done now, is akin to showing you have a membership card to a fitness club, but never going. Everyone in the financial service industry needs to show that they are part of the ESG Fitness club. What we need is for ESG to actually restore the social and environmental balance”,  according to Robert Rubinstein, TBLI Founder.

TBLI has the largest network of ESG and impact thought leaders, practitioners, asset owners, service providers and managers. We are uniquely positioned to do the heavy lifting to get this discussion off the ground and come up with real solutions to this dilemma. ESG is our core business. And we know what it is.

TBLI, with a track record of more than two decades in the business of counseling companies, countries, banks, funds and individual investors on sustainable and impact investment, proposes we take a look at these different ESG measuring systems. Recently we undertook a mapping of the leading frameworks, research providers and indexes as the basis of a database which will expand to include many of the leading organizations in analyzing sustainable performance.

The purpose of this competition is to bring this debate to the fore and to come up with concrete standards and definitions by which to correctly measure ESGs. At the same time, finding a  better way of measuring the ESG performance of companies would also help to promote more accountability within the financial sector.

Our ultimate aim is to create a more effective way of measuring the sustainable performance of companies and investment vehicles.

And we will do it publicly. The TBLI Better World Prize is a People’s Choice Award is open to the public.

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