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Taikang Family Office: Wealth planning for UHNW clients that caters to their increasing lifespans

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Taikang’s adept grasp of ultra-high-net-worth clients’ lifelong needs has enabled it to create a seamless fusion of insurance, healthcare, and asset management resources, crafting a comprehensive model catering to families throughout their lifetimes

  • Taikang responds proactively to the global trend of longer lifespans and rapidly ageing populations
  • By combining insurance, healthcare, and asset management, it creates a comprehensive system to meet lifetime needs
  • Health Wealth Planner and Happy Family with Taikang solutions has attracted over 200,000 customers

The global demographic landscape is undergoing a fundamental shift characterised by higher life expectancy and rapidly ageing populations. Statistics reveal that the worldwide population aged 60 and above has surpassed 900 million and is projected to reach 2.2 billion by 2050. 

In China, the elderly population is growing rapidly, with over 267 million individuals aged 60 and above at the end of 2021, accounting for 18.9% of the total population. Moreover, the cohort aged 65 and above has reached 200 million, constituting 14.2%. This demographic shift presents substantial challenges for the wealth management sector, calling for strategies not only to safeguard and enhance assets but also to address diverse needs including healthcare management, retirement planning, and family legacy preservation.

In light of this changing landscape, Taikang Family Office has emerged as a proactive player. By capitalising on the advantages embedded within Taikang Group’s comprehensive health strategy, and aligning the strengths of its three business domains in insurance, healthcare, and asset management, Taikang has created an integrated ecosystem that addresses the diverse needs of ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients throughout their lifetime. 

Additionally, the company has taken a forward-thinking approach to meeting their long-term needs by strategically harnessing ecological resources from initiatives by institutions such as the China Guardian Auctions Company, the Yicai Charity Foundation, and the Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum. 

To address the challenges brought about by this phenomenon, Taikang introduced its Health Wealth Planner (HWP) and Happy Family where Taikang’s (泰康幸福有约) solutions integrate insurance with healthcare in bespoke and lifelong services. These solutions have attracted over 200,000 customers.

Innovative business model and four major service suites

Grounded on the ‘insurance + service’ paradigm, Taikang serves clients via four distinct product service systems:

The Sky—Family Wealth Creation (天行健家族创富)service suite harnesses Taikang Insurance Group’s formidable investment expertise to offer UHNW families premier investment opportunities and diversified wealth allocation strategies. With Taikang Insurance Group’s consistent inclusion in the Fortune Global 500 for six consecutive years and total managed assets exceeding RMB 3.4 trillion ($473 billion), families are assured of robust wealth creation.

The Earth—Family Wealth Preservation(地势坤家族守富) service suite provides families with comprehensive solutions for wealth preservation. Rooted in Taikang’s proprietary health strategy, bespoke family protection plans are crafted, offering holistic retirement planning services.

The People—Family Wealth Inheritance (人长久家族传富) service system seamlessly integrates insurance tools and family trusts, emphasising insurance configuration, asset segregation, and inheritance functionalities. This guarantees families a more secure and stable safeguard for their wealth. Additionally, Taikang has pioneered the Health Wealth Planner solution, providing customers with specialised and personalised services.

The Harmony—Excellent Life(和致远卓越人生)service system amalgamates high-quality resources within and beyond Taikang, offering customers bespoke services such as the Taikang Family Reception Hall, Legal and Tax Service Platform, and Home-based Business Internships for Children, providing comprehensive life solutions for generations of UHNW families.

Taikang Family Office remains dedicated to upholding its principles of ‘Sky, Earth, People, and Harmony,’ hallmarked by its superior service quality and personalised products, and facilitating the long-term preservation and appreciation of family wealth for life.


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Institution: Taikang Family Office, Taikang Group, China Guardian Auctions Company, Yicai Charity Foundation, Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum
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