The Global Wealth and Society programme seeks to identify the important role that the privileged have towards their respective society. In building this programme, we measure wealth, not by the amount of financial assets individuals amass but by the positive impact they create on society through sustainable projects. Projects that are close to their hearts and which they believe to affect their immediate society in a deep and profound manner.

Based on this philosophy of contribution and giving back to the society, we identify these individuals as “Champions of Philanthropy” as part of our Global Wealth and Society Awards Programme.

Over the next few weeks until early October, our research team will be adding new names to the list and will be reaching out to them as part of the awards evaluation process.

The list below profiles selected Champions and their shortlisted projects across Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East . In doing so, the list also tracks the way they are investing and deploying their wealth to bring about positive impacts on the society that they operate in.

Danny Yong

Chief Investment Officer and Founding Partner - Singapore

The Ray of Hope Initiative Limited (ROHI) is a non-profit organisation founded in November 2012. ROHI is dedicated to helping individuals and families living within our community in Singapore, who are going through hardships, who may otherwise have no access to assistance.

John Lim

Group CEO and Executive Director, ARA Asset Management Limited - Singapore

The Lim Hoon Foundation is a private charitable trust created in August 2008 with the primary objective of promoting academic achievement for all students, at all levels, kindergarten through university with a focus on those from low income families. Our ultimate objective is to encourage the advancement of education through a wide range of philanthropic activities.

" Phillip Ng

Chairman and CEO, Far East Organisation " - Singapore

The Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation was set up in 2010 in memory of Ng's late father, who founded the Sino Group.The Foundation which actively supports various philanthropic causes. Recently in 2018, the Foudnation pleged RMB 10 million to support the restoration of the Great Wall of China. Supporting philanthropy in education, the Foundation made a donation of RMB 200 million to sipport Peking University in recruiting world-class teaching talents and encourage educational and cultural exchanges between the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Back in Sept 2011, the organisation pledged a sum of $1125 million over five years to JurongHealth Fund for the purpose of promoting development of health related services to benefit of Singapore community.

Allan W.B. Gray

Founder, Allan Gray Investment Management and Orbis Investment Management - South Africa

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation invests in the education and development of individuals with entrepreneurial potential within Southern Africa. The project sponsors thousands of scholarship, mentors and job positions to develop entrepreneurship environments. Through the foundation, he donated $150 million to South African high school

Mark Richard Shuttleworth

Founder and CEO, Canonical Ltd. - South Africa

The Shuttleworth Foundation was established in 2001 to promote education and technology in Africa. It gives annual grants to fellows for projects that include the development of low-cost 3D-printed medical supplies, such as the $3 stethoscope.

Nicholas F. Oppenheimer

Former Chairman, De Beers diamond mining company - South Africa

The Brenthurst Foundation is at the frontier of new ideas and innovative actions for strengthening Africa's economic performance. Working at the invitation of African governments since 2004, the Foundation is constantly engaged with a diverse range of experts, policy specialists and senior government officials with activities focused across three main areas:

Patrice Tlhopane Motsepe

Founder, African Rainbow Minerals - South Africa

The Foundation focuses on initiatives and projects that will assist the beneficiaries to become self-sustaining and independent. They are committed to promoting non-racialism in South Africa; by respecting diversity and encouraging people of all races, faiths and cultures to join hands towards the development of South Africa and the rest of Africa. The foundation works with and encourage Governments on the African continent to develop economies that support efforts aimed at addressing Poverty alleviation, education, inequality, unemployment and improving health outcomes.

Johann Peter Rupert

Chairman, Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA - Switzerland

The Michelangelo Foundation for Creativity and Craftsmanship is an international non-profit entity that celebrates and preserves master craftsmanship and strengthens its connection to the world of design. To defend its vision of value creation, the Foundation works within three principle lines of action: to perpetuate, to communicate, and to deliver creativity and craftsmanship safely into the future.

"Samuel Yin

President, Ruentex Group" - Taiwan

The Tang Prize  is a set of biennial international awards bestowed in four fields: Sustainable Development, Biopharmaceutical Science, Sinology, and Rule of Law. Nomination and selection are conducted by an independent selection committee, which is formed in partial cooperation with the Academia Sinica, Taiwan's top research institution.

"Stan Shih

Chariman, Founder and President of Acer Inc" - Taiwan

The mission of Acer Foundation is to promote the integration of technology. Through the development of knowledge and training of talent, the foundation strives to create strong alliances that span the globe. By promoting philanthropic efforts and talent training, the foundation is advancing social prosperity and elevating the standards of academic research to accelerate Taiwan’s transformation into an “island of technology".

Mohammed "Mo" Gulamabbas Dewji

President and Owner, METL - Tanzania

On a mission to enable and empower the under-privelaged who continue to struggle in Tanzania, the idea of Mo Dewji Foundation was conceived in 2000 driven by Mohammed Dewji's passion and ambitions for the society through specific emphasis on health, education and community development. The Foundation recognises education to create a pathway to a more predictive, just and equitable society, strengthening healthcare systems to assist in disease prevention and challeling regional communiy development efforts to help create self-sustaining socities in Tanzania.

Tan Passakornnatee

Chairman and Founder, Ichitan Group - Thailand

Tan pledges half his net profit to his Tan Pan Foundation, which works to improve education, the environment and tourism in Thailand. As a strong believer of giving back to the society, Tan pledges 50% of his net profits after he turn 60 to Tan Pan Foundation, which focuses on upliftment and betterment of education and environment.

"Ashish J. Thakkar

Founder, Mara Group" - Uganda

The Foundation incorporates three key integral platforms, maintaining a set focus on developing an SME eco system to support entrepreneurs with a particular focus on youth and women entrepreneurs in line with the founder’s vision to create change for a sustainable future. In developing countries, young and women entrepreneurs face structural and financial barriers in the seed, incubation and growth period of starting a business. The Mara Foundation’s aim is to address this challenge by developing an ecosystem. Ashish’s meticulous passages as an entrepreneur in Africa has subsequently proliferated his desire to develop such an ecosystem to create impact and drive change for a sustainable future for the youth and women of today.

Abdulla bin Ahmad Al Ghurair

Founder and Chairman, Mashreq Bank - United Arab Emirates

The foundation creates opportunities to activate the untapped potential of Arab youth, providing underserved, high-achieving students with the scholarships, support and skills training that they need to thrive. The foundation tailors its programming to the needs of underserved youth, preparing them for their transition to work, ultimately empowering them to learn for life.

"Majid Al Futtaim

Founder,   Majid Al Futtaim Group" - United Arab Emirates

MAF Charity Foundation engages in high-impact and sustainable activities in healthcare and education to extend assistance to individuals, families and institutions that need assistance in providing services related to health, UAE National training and education, as well as other charitable activities that will help contribute to the overall welfare of the UAE and its people. For healthcare, MAF Charity Foundation is implementing a series of awareness campaigns and healthcare projects envisioned to raise the public’s awareness on the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, as well as providing support for healthcare institutions in terms of modernizing their facilities and enhancing their capabilities to provide medical treatment. For education, MAF Charitable Foundation is developing training programmes that will help provide greater opportunities for employment for UAE Nationals. A special training institute focusing on retail management is also being developed to help advance best practices in retail management in the UAE.

Mohammed "Mo" Ibrahim

Founder, Mo Ibrahim Foundation - United Kingdom

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation (MIF) was established in 2006 to highlight the critical importance of governance and leadership in Africa. Defining Leadership as one about making choices, defining prioirties and taking risks and governance about properly documenting and effectively implementing these choice, the Foundation identifies complex challenges around improving quality of life for citizens, matching GDP gains to employment gains and lack of enforcement of law and rights despite economic progress .

Christopher Hohn

Founder, The Children Investment Fund - United Kingdom

Over 800 million children are at risk of infection from parasitic worms known as soil-transmitted helminths. India - world's largest health intervention in one day (270 million children across 29 states and 7 union territory Ethiopia - 17 million children treated in Nov 2015 and Apr 2016 Kenya - By year three of the programme, the proportion of Kenyan children infected with intestinal worms went from 33% to 16%, infection went from 19% to 6% immediately after the round of deworming in year two.

"Tom Hunter

Co-founder West Coast Capital" - United Kingdom

"Focusing on areas of entrepreneurship, education, opportunity for all and poverty reduction, the Hunter Foundation works on the model of finding innovative partners, disruptors and fund them againt a pre-agreed Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs). With this, the Foundation is a proactive venture philanthropy that seeks to invest in determining model solutions, in partnership with others, to troubling systemic issues relating to poverty eradication and educational enablement. To date THF has invested in excess of £55m for the common good and over time we hope to invest a good deal more."

"David Sainsbury

Chancellor, University of Cambridge" - United Kingdom

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation is an endowed grant-making trust established in 1967 by David Sainsbury which acts as the enabler for projects across a small number of selected fields- The main areas we cover are economic development in Africa, science and engineering education, plant science, neuroscience, and the Arts.

Roman Abramovich

Owner, Chelsea FC & Investment company Millhouse LLC - United Kingdom

Chelsea FC Foundation has partnered with Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) to provide people in and around the housing areas positive sporting activities to assist in improving community cohesion and community responsibility, eventually the project's aim is to reduce anti-social behavior that may occur by providing diversionary sessions at key times and days.